Employee Benefits

From reduced fares to individual health care – we are constantly trying to make life easier for our employees through our wide range of benefits. We achieve this goal in many ways:

Crew member of FRS Iberia speaks to a family.

Family & Job

Our family-oriented human resources policy has one aim: combining families and careers - work and life - in a successful way. We support expectant parents and support them in their wish for parental leave, help them in their planning as well as in returning to their jobs. Furthermore, our different models for flexible working hours provide our employees with the possibility to successfully combine work and private responsibilities in every phase of their lives.

Three women of the ferry staff of FRS Iberia.

Travelling At Low Costs

Our employees benefit from individual free travel allowances aboard our fleet that can be used for themselves as well as for their family members. Some of our entities also offer their employees special tariffs from tour operators.

A woman lacing her shoes

Staying Fit And Healthy

We aim at retaining our employees for as long as possible. Hence, we see it as our duty as a responsible employer to promote their health and to keep them motivated. Therefore it goes without saying that we promote the mutual participation at sporting events as well as individual commitment of employees. Furthermore, we offer quarterly health check-ups that enable our colleagues to actively cater for increasing demands of today’s working environments.

The harbour of Flensburg.
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