Travel App FRS Travel

The next trip can be comfortably booked and checked in from all over the world with the convenient travel app FRS Travel. Fast, safe and reliable – these are the standards you expect from FRS.

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What Advantages Does The Travel App Offer?

Get your booking in just a few clicks: Simply select the desired shipping company and you will be taken to an overview of the available routes.

All the important travel information about the trip is clearly structured. In addition, an icon system illustrates the vessel’s equipment. Is there a baby room available? Is there access to W-LAN on board? And is it possible to take a pet on the journey? These and more questions are answered in the overview of the travel details. And if a question remains unanswered, you can go to the service system in just one click.

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The menu navigation is designed as clearly as possible so that you always know which menu point you are currently in. You can navigate back and forth between the menu points with just a few clicks and therefore save a lot of time.

The ships of the FRS fleet can be tracked on a map in real time, so that you are always up to date. And with the FRS account, the next booking is just one click away.

The best thing about it: The download of this travel app is completely free.