Health, Safety & Work-Life Balance

We believe that only when we enable our employees to reconcile their private lives and their jobs, they will be able to deliver the highest performance for our company. That is why we see it as our duty as an employer to promote and ensure this balance through effective measures.

Effective Health And Safety Management

Our employees’ health is a big concern for us. Thus, over recent years, we have invested in different measures allowing our teams to maintain their physical and mental well-being in a challenging and dynamic work environment. Today, this includes a healthy eating – for example at the coffee bar, enjoying a snack of fruits while having a little chat. That way our staff stays fit for a healthy career.

  • Occupational health care: Staying healthy through regular check ups
  • Comprehensive overseas health insurance: Optimal cover on business trips
  • Workplace ergonomics: Ease of work and a healthy back
  • Sports promotion: Going for the win as a team
  • Free fruits and water: Energy supply at the workplace


employee standing infront of water, looking into the distance
Security measure for cars on a ferry.

Safety Ashore And At Sea

As a maritime company, workplace safety is a cornerstone of our daily business. Our sea personnel undergo regular safety drills that exceed legal standards. Their safety is regarded as important as the safety of our passengers. Our shore based organisations benefit from the knowledge of our safety officers that train first responders and fire protection assistants in multi-day workshops.

  • Safety drills following ISM standards: Recognising and countering potential threats early
  • Office safety focus: Optimal protection by our safety officers
  • First responders and fire protection assistants: Mutual support in case of need


Work-Life Balance

We expect motivation and commitment for our company from our employees and are convinced that a workplace that respects the balance of work and family life is the basis for this. Wherever possible by legal framework our staff benefits from flexible working hours and part-time arrangements. Colleagues wishing to return to the company from parental leave can thus organise their days suiting their individual needs. In times of need we support colleagues struggling with challenging stages of life by providing individual solutions.

  • Flexible working hours and part-time arrangements: Balancing work and family life
  • Reemployment: Giving planning security to our seasonal staff
  • Employment contracts of indefinite duration: Granted to most of our employees
  • Reintegration: Returning to the job from parental leave or illness


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