Customer Experience

At FRS, we understand ourselves primarily as a service provider for our customers. Therefore, it is our mission to provide our customers with an uncomplicated and pleasant experience at every contact and to enhance the act of travelling with added value, special services and offerings.

A man, who uses a coffee machine.

Digital Offers

Our clients receive easy access to our diverse offerings through our online presence, the design of which we have unified as part of a group-wide project in 2019. We place great importance on the continuous extension of these offers as well as on increasingly comfortable mobile solutions. In 2019, we have launched our app FRS Travel. These measures support our objective to provide our customers with access to our complete range of products and services at any time and at any given place.

Two pleased customers, who are enjoying the FRS service onboard.

Customer Satisfaction

The best proof for a special customer experience is a satisfied customer. Besides the feedback from the personal contacts our employees have with our customers, regular customer surveys as well as in-depth analysis of our diverse social media channels are important sources of information for us to determine the degree of your satisfaction with our services. All of our companies learn from this feedback and use it to improve our offerings.

An elevator for disabled people on the Halunder Jet.


Independent of their degree of mobility we want to provide our customers with a pleasant travel experience. This starts with our accessible websites and continues with the design of the vessels. For example, we integrated a lift into the design of our newbuilt “Halunder Jet”, which operates between Hamburg and the island of Heligoland. It allows passengers with limited mobility to go from the main deck to the upper deck without restrictions.

A notebook keyboard covered with ''caution'' pylon.

Protection Of Customer Data

While analyzing customer data to improve customer satisfaction, FRS is committed to protecting that data. We ensure that data collection is kept at a necessary minimum and that personal data is handled only by qualified personnel in a transparent manner and with the intention to optimize our services.