Employee Engagement

Communities thrive through the participation of individuals. Thus, we support our employees whenever possible in their involvement in community projects - during working hours and beyond. At FRS, we are constantly impressed by the variety of charity ideas that our employees submit on a regular basis.

FRS beach-clean-up workforce

There is a similar tradition in Germany, Flensburg. There, the popular brewery "Flensburger" organizes the annual Beach Clean Up event, in which FRS was actively involved in 2022. As part of the Flens-StrandGut campaign, the beach section near Wassersleben was cleared of litter by the volunteers.

The tradition established by our Seattle colleagues, to pack and collect little Christmas gifts for the foster children of the organisation Treehouse for Kids, is appealing to the colleagues in other locations, more and more looking to support similar initiatives at their sites.

A person, who is holding a gift in his hands.