FRS Iberia Takes Up New Line Motril – Tanger Med

MS Kattegat.
  • FRS will begin operations during the second half of January with a daily crossing.
  • The journey from Motril to Tangier-Med will take approximately 7-8 hours.


The route which connects the ports of Motril and Tanger-Med will start during the second half of January, using the FRS ferry "Kattegat". It will operate as a RoRo with a daily crossing and will offer a new option for those in the logistics sector with interests in Europe and Africa.

As Motril is the Andalusian port closest to Spain's capital and with direct access to the A-7 'Mediterranean' Motorway, FRS has put forward this new connection as an alternative of great interest for operators.

"Taking into account that, apart from the strategic position of the Port of Motril, its excellent facilities and connectivity, the transit time from Motril to Tanger MED with this new line is the same for the transports that choose Algeciras – Tanger Med, at FRS we believe we are offering a new, very interesting possibility for our freight clients as they will be able to reduce the distance their freight has to travel by road, something which will result in greater convenience and reduced costs", explains José Carlos Delgado, Line Manager for the new route. José has more than 20 years' experience in the maritime-port sector, including many years of experience as Line Manager and Freight Manager at various shipping companies at ports such as Algeciras, Almería and Cadiz.

FRS is already a benchmark company on the Strait of Gibraltar, not only in terms of transporting freight, but also because of the 1,700,000* passengers and 400,000* vehicles (*2015) it transports each year across the Strait. "On this route, our clients may expect high standards of quality, service and safety for which FRS is known", assures Delgado.

Over the coming days, the exact date when operations will begin will be decided. The timetable will be: departing from Motril at 11:00 and returning from Tanger-Med at 00:00. For more information, please get in touch with the Freight Department at FRS: +34 956 629 630 ([email protected]).

About FRS:
The FRS Group is a leading shipping company which transports passengers, vehicles and freight. With more than 75 years' experience, the company operates routes using ferries and fast crafts in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. FRS has been operating on the Strait of Gibraltar since 2000. The company covers the routes Tarifa-Tangier, Algeciras-Ceuta and Tanger-Med, and coming soon Motril-Tanger-Med.

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