The Syltferry introduces a second ferry

Second Sylt ferry from starbord side.

With the second ferry, the Rømø-Sylt Linie will expand its ferry service between the mainland and the island Sylt, just in time for the construction work on the Hindenburg Dam in November. “Tresfjord” can carry up to 127 cars, more than one and a half times as much as the ferry “SyltExpress”. “We are very happy that we will be able to provide a better connection between the island Sylt and the mainland with an additional ferry. With two ships, we are able to offer up to hourly departures from each port,“ says director Birte Dettmers.

The “Tresfjord” was built, just as the Syltexpress, at the Norwegian shipyard Fiskerstrand. The area of operation so far has been in the Norwegian Fjords. The new Sylt ferry has a very environmentally friendly and modern drive technology with an LNG engine. This enables the ferry a cruising speed of 15 knots. On two car decks, the ferry can carry up to 127 cars. “With the second Sylt ferry, we can now meet the increasing demand of our freight customers and offer holidaymakers and the Sylt residents additional departures,” says the director Tim Kunstmann. Currently the ship is still in Norway, where it is being rebuilt for its new tasks. Passengers can also look forward to the second ferry with a spacious passenger lounge, large open decks and on-board catering. From November 2019, the second ferry will operate in parallel to the “SyltExpress” and supplement the “SyltExpress” when the passenger demand is high. The timetable will be announced in the coming weeks after which you will be able to book your trips.

The ferry connection between the mainland and Sylt has existed since 1963 and has been operated by the Rømø-Sylt Line since 1979. The “SyltExpress” was specially built to meet the needs of this line by the Norwegian shipyard in 2005. “With the purchase of a second ferry we underline our awareness and responsibility to ensure a reliable island connection and supply sustainably,” says Birte Dettmers. The ferry connects the island Sylt daily and throughout the year with the mainland. The Danish island of Rømø is easily accessible via a free car line. In addition to the daily connection, the Sylt ferry carries cars, campers and special transport of all kinds. For the passengers, there is a restaurant with good food for moderate prices during the approximately 40-minute crossing. A Travel Value Shop also invites you to shop, and on the four open decks the passengers can relax in beach-chairs and enjoy the crossing. Parking spaces on the Sylt ferry can conveniently be ordered online at or by phone.

This year the Sylt ferry is going to organize the 8th Music Night, a concert on the North Sea with a living room atmosphere. Performances will be held on Wednesday, 14 August by Beatrice Egli and on Thursday August 15 by Thees Uhlmann and his band. The concert of Thees Uhlmann is already sold out. Ferry tickets for the hit evening with Beatrice Egli are still available online at as well as at the Sylt ferry ticket office in List on Sylt and in Havneby on Rømø.


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