From Germany To Sweden In Only 2 h And 30 min

High-Speed-Katamaran FRS Königslinjen zwischen Schweden und Rügen.

“We are delighted to announce that FRS will reopen the ferry service from ferry port Sassnitz in September 2020. We believe in the touristic value of this line and will enhance the service for the passengers by introducing the fastest connection between the European mainland and Sweden.” says Götz Becker, CEO of FRS. A high-speed catamaran will then connect Sassnitz on the island of Rügen with Ystad in southern Sweden.

FRS will be setting new standards in terms of travel time: the high-speed ferry takes only 2 hours and 30 minutes to cover the distance between Germany and Sweden. This almost halves the previous travel time! Compared to conventional ferry lines in the region the time advantage is even greater. „Thanks to the fast ferry, we are able to offer two daily departures per port. What is new is that Ystad will be served instead of Trelleborg“, explains Moritz Bruns, Managing Director of the new FRS line. „The attractive tourist destination Ystad as well as the reduced travel time open up completely new possibilities such as day trips or weekend trips“.

The catamaran ferry provides two passenger decks with space for about 700 persons on board. The vehicle deck can accommodate up to 210 cars but also provides space for mobile homes and busses. A large on-board shop and a varied gastronomic offer complement the journey. The maximum speed of the catamaran is 44 knots. However, FRS will not operate at such speed records. „We have developed an environmentally optimized operating profile for this line. We will run the ferry in the most fuel-efficient mode and still offer passengers the fastest ferry connection between Germany and Sweden with a journey time of only 2.5 hours“, explains the Managing Director of the new FRS ferry connection.

„Thanks to our many years of experience and the excellent cooperation with politics as well as the involved ports we have succeeded in developing a concept to maintain and continue the line within a very short time,“ says Götz Becker. „The cities and regions on both sides will benefit from the line touristically as well as economically.” FRS is investing about 15 million euros in the new service. Operations are scheduled to start on Mid-September. “The vessel has been purchased from Fjord Line who will still be operating the catamaran between Denmark and Norway until August 23rd. With all hands on deck and the great work of my eager team, I am confident to have the catamaran ready for service in less than a month”, says Moritz Bruns.

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About The Ship


Length: 91.3 m
Width: 26 m
Draft: 3.7 m
Passengers: 676
Cars: 210
Shipyard: INCAT, Australien

In recent years the catamaran has sailed between northern Denmark and southern Norway, connecting the two countries in just 2 hours and 15 minutes. From autumn 2020, it will now serve Sassnitz (Germany) and Ystad (Sweden) and will be the fastest connection between the two countries. Whether you want to go on holiday by car, motorhome or caravan or just on a short trip, the high-speed ferry of FRS will take you there in record time.


About the holding company FRS


From solar-powered excursion ships to cargo ferries: FRS‘s fleet is widely diversified. Today, it comprises 59 ships that carry 7.9 million passengers and 2.1 million cars worldwide every year. With 13 high-speed catamarans worldwide, FRS is one of the leading operators in Europe and continues to grow. In addition to passenger only catamarans, high-speed catamarans are also used for a combined transport of passengers and vehicles. Only this month, the popular and for decades established catamaran connection of FRS Helgoline from Hamburg via Cuxhaven to Helgoland was supplemented by a second fast ferry, which heads for the offshore island from Cuxhaven. FRS is also the market leader in ferry tourism on and around Rügen: with the tourist excursion and scheduled services of the Weiße Flotte and Reederei Hiddensee, FRS has been firmly rooted in the region for over 50 years.

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