FRS Windcat establishes new subsidiary FRS Windcat Polska

FRS Windcat establishes new subsidiary FRS Windcat Polska for the upcoming Polish Offshore Wind Energy Industry

FRS Windcat continues its growth with its recently established new subsidiary FRS Windcat Polska. The new office is based in Oliwa district in Gdansk, which will be one of the major-cities in Polands future offshore-development. The main reason for this step is the upcoming development from political authorities in Poland in the last months giving hopes to the industry that Offshore wind energy will become an important part of the country’s energy-mix. Additionally FRS Windcat started to train Polish skippers on its Crew Transfer Vessels (-CTVs) which are operating in the Baltic Sea. This will bring the company the possibility to have experienced Polish crew having worked on the Windcats CTVs and also already known to the specific operational area of the Baltic Sea.

The crew is especially trained on its first German flagged 26 Pax CTV “Windcat 42”. It started its operation in July in the Baltic Sea sailing out of Sassnitz/Rügen to the Offshore windfarms Arkona Becken Südost and Wikinger. The new hull shape, which is the basis for this MK3.5 vessel type, shows radical improvements in performance, comfort and efficiency compared with the present vessel designs in the industry. The joint-venture partner Windcat Workboats has put significant effort into developing cost effective vessels that fit to the ever-evolving demands for higher comfort and performance. However, the approach to make radical changes in the hull design for a new generation of vessels was a considerable risk.

The hull shape of the vessel which has been optimised for efficiency, comfortable sea keeping and performance has resulted in a highly efficient 23 meter vessel, with a top speed of 31 knots using only two 720kW engines, setting a new industry standard for efficiency. The result is high performance with low emissions and low fuel consumption, which creates cost savings for the end user. Additionally the passenger-area is built out of carbon, which radically reduces the noise-level for the technicians during their transfer. The vessel is built according to the latest technologies, rules and regulations to create a state of the art vessel carrying 26 technicians. The vessel is operating at 25knots with a consumption of only 250 liters per hour and at 30 knots with a consumption of 350 liters per hour.

The next CTV of this type will be delivered and available at the end of 2018.
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Contact details of the Polish office are:

FRS Windcat Polska sp. z o.o.
5th floor, Alchemia, Aurum,
411, Aleja Grunwaldzka,
Gdansk, 80-309, Poland
Tel.: +48 58 769 52 17
Mail: [email protected]

Company description:

FRS Windcat Offshore Logistics GmbH (FWOL) is a joint-venture of FRS Offshore GmbH & Co. KG and Windcat Workboats.

Both companies together have more than 15 years of experience in the offshore logistics sector with more than 1.6 million safely operated transfers in offshore windfarms and an average of 8,000 transfers per week..
Operating more than 40 CTVs for the offshore and wind industry, the oil and gas industry as well as for other offshore projects, makes Windcat Workboats a leading provider of Personnel Transfers throughout Europe. The fleet of Windcat Workboats is operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Ireland, just to name a few locations.
FRS Offshore is a 100% subsidiary of Fast Reliable Seaways GmbH & Co. KG, the holding of the FRS Group in Flensburg/Germany. FRS is a worldwide leading operator of fast ferries with more than 60 different types of ships around the world, operating f.e. in Spain, the United States, Finland and Germany.

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Birte Dettmers

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