Your vacation starts with the the journey – on our ferry from Rømø to Sylt

A ferry crossing has been in existence here since 1963, connecting List on the island of Sylt with the Danish Havneby on neighbouring Danish island of Rømø. A toll-free causeway road links Rømø to the mainland.

The crossing became part of the FRS Group in 1979. In 2005, the Rømø-Sylt Line (RSL) deployed a new modern double- ended ferry on this route, the MF "SyltExpress". This vessel is particulary suited to carry vehicles of all kinds, even oversized vehicles and heavy goods. By this, the vessel strengthens RSL's year-round supply service for Sylt, but also offers tourists the unique maritime experience of arriving and departing on the waterway. On this route, which is extremely popular with day tourists, around 398,000 passengers and 121,995 vehicles are moved every year.


Holidays start on board between Rømø and Sylt


  • Modern double-ended ferry
  • All year round, up to 18 departures per day
  • Capacity for cars, buses, trucks and oversized vehicles
  • On-board shopping and catering
  • Sylt Express
  • Beach on the island of Sylt
  • Sylt Express at the landing pier