FRS Fleet

FRS – with its experience of widely differing customer target groups, operating environments and cultural backgrounds – offers ferry operations using ships of the most diverse types and sizes, such as

  • High-speed catamarans as RoPax and Pax-only
  • Solar-powered ferries
  • Traditional passenger vessels
  • Water taxis
  • Conventional RoRo/RoPax vessels

High Speed Craft "Halunder Jet"

  • Luftansicht des "Halunder Jet" auf See.
  • Seitenansicht des "Halunder Jet" auf See.
  • Der "Halunder Jet", abends in Hamburg
  • Der "Halunder Jet" passiert Helgoland.
  • Martin Elsen
  • Der "Haluder Jet" fährt in den Hafen Helgolands.
  • Length 56.40 m
  • Beam 14.00 m
  • Draft 2.50 m
  • Max. speed 36.00 kn
  • Passengers 690
  • Power output 4 x 3.046 PS (12.182 PS)
Ship category High-Speed Craft
Area of Operation Heligoland
Company FRS Helgoline GmbH & Co. KG
Building year 2018
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