Hamburg – Blankenese

More than just a harbour cruise

Since April 2017, FRS HanseFerry operates with its passenger vessel "Kleine Freiheit" on the river Elbe in Hamburg, connecting the well known St. Pauli Landungsbruecken with the picturesque suburbs of Blankenese and Teufelsbrueck.

Besides passing by some of the most popular sights of Hamburg like the Elbphilharmonie and the impressive container port, Hamburg tourists and day trippers have the unique opportunity of stopping over in Blankenesem where one can enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the famous stairs quarter or just stroll around the beautiful Elbe beaches.

To make the journey with FRS HanseFerry even more exciting for every passenger, the vessel is equipped with a modern Multimedia Guide that offers explanations on the sights along the way in 8 different languages on  people's mobile devices. This is a true enrichment for a metropolis like Hamburg.

In addition, the "Kleine Freiheit" can be chartered for several different occasions and events like concerts, birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries as well as company celebrations.


The great harbour and Elbe trip


  • 3 in 1: Big tourist cruise through the port of Hamburg and along the river Elbe incl. optional break in Blankenese
  • Hop-on and hop-off option in Blankenese and Teufelsbrück
  • Multimedia Guide in 8 languages
  • Kleine Freiheit in Hamburg
  • Kleine Freiheit at the landing pier
  • Kleine Freiheit in Hamburg