Community Involvement

FRS and our subsidiaries are deeply rooted in the respective local communities. That is where we draw strength and to these communities we want to give something back. Through sponsoring and cooperation with local operators we want to support the quality of life in our community, for the sustainable benefit of all of us.

International Commitment

Mooring ropes and two vessels.

Albanian Ferry Terminal Operator


One example of local cooperation and local sponsoring is our subsidiary Albanian Ferry Terminal Operator (AFTO). Since 2014, AFTO closely works with the German Embassy as well as the German Chamber of Commerce in Albania and supports joint cultural events. Also since 2014, AFTO cooperates with Caritas Albania for the benefit of disadvantaged families.

A whale emerging in front of the "San Juan Clipper" ferry.

Clipper Vacations


The support of disadvantaged and even homeless families also is a focal point of our US subsidiary Clipper Vacations. Together with the Seattle based charity organisation Mary’s Place, Clipper Vacations helped affected children and their parents to a free whale watching tour in their hometown’s waters.

National Commitment

four volunteers, who are forming a human circle.

In Germany, we also do see various possibilities to become actively involved in society. FRS HanseFerry for example sponsored the 17th edition of the fun run “Blankeneser Heldenlauf” and carried the participants at a massively reduced rate from Hamburg city centre to the event location.

In our daily business at FRS headquarters in Flensburg, we also try to conclude cooperations with local charitable organisations and institutions whenever possible. The Flensburg based organisation “Die Mürwiker” for instance assumes the care for our garden area. “Die Mürwiker” enables handicaped people to participate in work life and develop their skills.