Partner Of The Maritime Industry

New drive models, engine conversions, alternative fuels – the development of new concepts does not happen overnight and is often the result of intense collaboration between different stakeholders. We actively contribute to these advancements by partnering in sustainability projects and by contributing our expertise in expert panels.

In parallel, we also benefit from the knowledge of organizations committed to reducing the environmental impact of the shipping industry and participate in their voluntary environmental certification programs.

cockpit of our vessle "Halunder Jet".


With a focus on innovative energy and drive systems, EcoShip60 is working on reducing the environmental impact of ships. In the Ecoship60 network, more than 20 partners are working together to reduce CO2 emissions. FRS has been an associate partner since 2018.

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FRS, as an associate partner, is supporting the project RetroMar in applying for the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The project aims to investigate how greenhouse gases and other pollutants in existing diesel-powered marine operations can be eliminated by retrofitting emission-free electrical energy systems.

Green Marine

Clipper Vacations is a proud participant of Green Marine, a voluntary environmental certification program that addresses key environmental issues through 12 performance indicators - including greenhouse gases, air emissions, spill prevention, waste management, environmental leadership, and community impacts.

Here you can read the whole press release about Clipper and Green Marine.

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